Sandals Barbados transports you to ultimate luxury with its lush greenery and beautiful flowers everywhere you turn, and it’s chic and modern resort flair. Whether you are looking to hang in Barbados’ longest lagoon pool or are simply looking to enjoy the powdery white sand beach; this resort has an extraordinary mix of spaces. Anytime during your stay, you can step right next door to Sandals Royal Barbados and share all the amenities that the resort has to offer! (The food options are divine!) When you are ready to wind down at night, we highly suggest that you check out the Piano Bar- the location and ambiance of the space are truly unique and a must see. We don’t want you to miss swimming with the turtles here either- one of our all time favorite excursions! One of our award winning travel agents is ready to help get you to this magnificent island!

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Important Info About Sandals Barbados

Know Before You Go

Travel Checklist

Packing Checklist

Pack Trip Essentials and Valuable Items in Your Carry-on

Pack any valuable items such as prescription medication, jewelry, phone charger, electronics with you in your carry on. In the rare case your bag doesn’t make it with you, you may want to pack a swimsuit and other necessities you would need to hold you over for a bit, in your carry on as well. There is also a gift shop on each resort where you can purchase items you may need (Most airlines will reimburse you for these items with delayed luggage, so keep the receipts.)

Don’t Forget Your Beach Bag, Sunscreen, and Bug Spray

You don’t want to forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and a beach bag! We've often forgotten Advil and tums too. Don't worry, there's a gift shop with all these items if you do forget our run out! If the mosquitos love you, you may want to pack bug spray too and even a little benadryl itch relief stick.

Gentlemen’s Dress Code

There is a dress code for the gents at a few of the restaurants. Make sure to pack nicer pants (Khakis, linen pants, etc) Also a collared shirt (polo or button up) and some nicer shoes or dressier sandals.

Make Dinner Reservations Early On in Trip

A few of the restaurants at the resort require dinner reservations. Be sure to make dinner plans ahead of time to ensure it fits into your schedule. You cannot make dinner reservations until you are on the resort. You can simply call from your room to make reservations, stop at the culinary desk, or make them with club Sandals or your butler if you have a club or butler level room category.


The food portions are a bit smaller on resort, so, don’t be shy to order more! You may want to try more than just one appetizer and maybe even more than one entree. If there is steak and shrimp on the menu, order both and have yourself surf and turf! If you are intrigued and just want to try something because you never have before, by all means, do so. You are encouraged to dine around at Sandals/Beaches Resorts! Head to one restaurant for appetizers, and then head another restaurant for your main entree! There is no limit, and the food is AMAZING!


The only persons allowed to take a tip on the resort are the Butlers and spa personnel, but it's not mandatory. The island routes tour guides and shuttle drivers also accept tips. All spa services carry a 12.5 % service charge even on promotional spa services this can be charged to the room. The other 2 persons who can accept a tip, would be the gentlemen who carry your bags to the shuttle at the airport and your shuttle drivers as they are not Sandals employees but contracted by Sandals/Beaches. So you may want to have some smaller bills handy- they accept U.S. currency. Otherwise, there is a strict no tipping policy allowed on resort. No need to bring your wallet with anywhere on the property!

Sandals/Beaches Will Ask For a Credit Card to Have On File

When you check in online, you are required to input a credit card to keep file for such things as gift shop purchases, spa services, photoshop purchases, etc. If you do not want a credit card on file for incidentals, do not do the online check in ahead of time.

Download the Sandals App

We highly recommend downloading the Sandals/Beaches app well before you arrive. The app has all the dinner menus, entertainment schedules, spa services and much more helpful information on it. You are also able to book tours, spa services and much more from the app.

Make a Tentative Plan

Make a tentative plan early on in the trip. Check out the island routes desk (if you haven’t already planned tours ahead of time) to see which tours are available and when. Check out the menus at the various restaurants to see which restaurants are a must while you are there as well. Some restaurants are closed 1 day of the week as well. Go to the water sports desk and schedule your snorkeling trips, scuba diving and other things you may want to do right away as well.

Utilize Sandals Loop

As mentioned above, you can download the Sandals/Beaches App before you go, and this is great for many things while on resort. This loop feature on the app/internet, allows you to do things such as submit a compliment, submit a concern, or make a request.


All Sandals and Beaches resorts have FREE Wifi. To avoid international data charges, keep your phone on Airplane mode the entire time you are on your trip. This only allows data to stream through via wifi. You won’t be able to make or take calls, avoiding high charges. There are various apps that you can download so you can make calls and text via wifi as well! You may also set up international coverage on your phone with your carrier prior to leaving.

Take Advantage of the Free Photo Shoot

Sandals and Beaches resorts offer a free photoshoot with their professionally trained photographers. You will see a SnapShots office near the front desk; head in there or call from your room to set up a photoshoot time. Take advantage of this! The photographers are amazing, and you just pay for what you like!

Be Patient Because They Are Going To Be on ‘Island Time’, Not American Time

Grab a drink and unwind, you're on island time now! Oh and ask for the name brand liquor you like or else you will get rail. Top shelf liquor is included, so feel free to ask for the good stuff when ordering drinks!

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