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How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Moon

         What is an Engagement Moon?

For those who have not heard about this newer trend, an engagement moon is a great opportunity for recently engaged couples to escape for a bit and celebrate a new chapter together. Couples are jetting away to paradise for a little undivided time together before diving knee deep into wedding planning. 

         Why should you take an Engagement Moon?

An engagement moon should take place before you begin planning your wedding. It’s a great chance to start your engagement off focusing on the most important thing- JUST the two of you. Take a breather and enjoy the promise of your future together. Look back on how you two met and fell in love and where you see your future years together. Sit together in the present moments and take it all in.

         Enjoy being ENGAGED without rushing straight into the planning!

A forever together is truly as amazing as it sounds, but overlooking the immense joy and excitement of being engaged shouldn’t be rushed, just to get to the altar. Slow down….and enjoy the buzz of your family and friends congratulating you and the new promises for your next chapter. Enjoy celebrating with friends and coworkers before any prep or plans come to mind. An engagement moon with your future spouse will only enhance the connection between you two in the time of pure bliss and saying yes to your future together.

    Where to go for an Engagement Moon and how to get started?

This is the fun part! It doesn’t have to be a weeklong trip or a ton of planning. Here at VibeGetaways, our specialists have you covered from start to finish! We’ll help you find your ideal location, the best deal, and easy flights, so that you can be sitting on an island with champagne in your hand, clinking glasses with your future spouse! The best part is that going for a quick weekend or a 4- day escape at the last minute is literally just one email or call away. 

At the end of the day, the engagement, and of course marriage, is about the two of you as a couple. Hop on over to our last minute deals to see all the amazing locations you can go at even more incredible rates! Our VibeGetaways Specialists cannot wait to help you get started on your own engagement moon in this very exciting season!

And most of all, from everyone here at WeddingVibe & VibeGetaways CONGRATULATIONS!

Written By: Katie Daniels

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